Atelier doctoral international- Moving Women. Nomads in the City?


Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 22-25 septembre 2014


Organisateurs: Università di Napoli-L’Orientale, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Normandie Université-Rouen, Universität Wien, University of Dundee



-María Lozano (Autónoma de Madrid): The Modern Subject: Citizen or Nomad?

-Gia Caglioti (Napoli Federico II)): From citizens to enemy aliens: marrying a foreigner in the First World War

-Paola Paderni (Napoli L’Orientale): Migration in China: a question of gender

-Alessandra Gissi (Napoli L’Orientale): Migrants, exiled or Refugees? Italian women in the “intellectual wave” after the 1938 racial laws”

–Alfredo Barillari (Napoli L’Orientale): Divismo all’italiana, Representations of male film stars between 1955 and 1963

–Sergio Mena (Autónoma de Madrid): Rearguard: Representation of War Effort of American Women During World War II.

–Chenguang Li (Autónoma de Madrid): De patio interior a iglesia. Las mujeres de la dinastía Ming según los escritos de los jesuitas.

–Davide Marena (Napoli L’Orientale). From political representation to empowerment. Women’s emancipation paths to Rwanda.


23 /09

–Margarita Alfaro (Autónoma de Madrid) y Beatriz Mangada (Autónoma de Madrid): Xenografías femeninas en Europa

— Pilar Pérez Cantó (Autónoma de Madrid): Democracia y ciudadanía: un largo camino para las mujeres.

–Luisa Juárez (Alcalá de Henares/Instituto Franklin): título por confirmar

–Ángeles Hijano (Autónoma de Madrid): Enfermeras españolas en movimiento hacia la profesionalización.

–Eleonora Forenza (Napoli L’Orientale): Feminist and Pci: the debate about the law on sexual violence.

–Valentina Oldrati (Autónoma de Madrid): Margarita Alias Arabia. Una historia de apostasía y esclavitud.

–Marianne Lejte (Autónoma de Madrid): Women and the New Christian Right.


24 /09

–Jim Amelang (Autónoma de Madrid): Early Modern Women’s mobility: squaring the circle.

–Benedetta Borello (La Sapienza. Roma): Female Courts.Queenship, Foreign Affairs and “National” Characters in Early Modern Europe.

—Anna Bellavitis (Normandie Université, GRHis et IUF): Women and citizenship in early modern Europe

–Daniel Essig (Autónoma de Madrid): Gender, reading, and the genealogy of intimacy.

–Maria Anna Zazzarino (Autónoma de Madrid): Nomadic Subjectivities in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve

— Veronika Helfert (Institut für Geschichte / Institut für österreichische Geschichtsforschung. Wien): Transnational activities of Women in Austrian Soviets

–Fabrizio Canfora (Napoli L’Orientale): Business history and geography of local development. Textile trade in Naples

–Laura Longo (Napoli L’Orientale): City, as “The human invention par excellence”: Mercato” district in Naples, a story retold by its merchants and inhabitans/

–Natalina Lodato, (Napoli L’Orientale): Between population control and reproductive rights: the Italian Association for demographic Education (1953-1977)


25 /09

–Roberto del Valle (Uppsala): Reproduction in Revolt: Biopolitical Exploitation and Resistance in Pat Barker’s Union Street and Blow Your House Down.

— Peter Becker (Institut für Geschichte / Institut für österreichische Geschichtsforschung. Wien): The white slave trade and its governance in late 19th and early 20th centuries

–Sara Settepanella (Napoli L’Orientale): Families on the move. Networks and mobility paths of couples composed by Italian men and Romanian women

–Samantha Lodi (Normandie Université – GRHis): Entre a pena e a baioneta:Louise Michel e Nadezda Krupskaia, educadoras em contextos revolucionários

—-Margherita Picchi (Napoli L’Orientale) Toward and alternative religious discourse: gender-sensitive readings of the Islamic sources in contemporary Egypt


Emma Sarno, Elena Postigo y Carmen de la Guardia : Conclusiones y clausura

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