Call for Contributions – History of Women & Gender Studies (Shangai)

Women’s history is a cutting-edge research field in contemporary history studies.  In the hope of promoting women and gender studies by combining the efforts of the academia both in China and abroad, we have founded the “History of Women and Gender Studies” series, which will be published twice a year by Shanghai Sanlian Press. The journal consists of the following sections: thematic studies, theories and methodologies, forums, reviews and academic frontiers.  shangai normal University

The basic purpose of the magazine is to explore women’s role in the process of human civilization, their status, and gender relations based on solid historical research from the socio-gender and global perspectives and informed by theories and methods from a wide range of disciplines including history, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, psychology, mythology and so on. We encourage consideration of women’s roles and experiences in association with those of the male gender. We encourage explorations of both the elite women and women of lower classes, as well as the differences and commonalities of women of different nationalities, regions and classes. We hope to further expand the scope of women and gender studies, enrich its contents, and promote new areas of research, such as the history of sexuality in connection with women’s status and gender relations, the history of the body, and so on. Through the investigation of women’s status and gender relations in world history, we also hope to provide historical experience and lessons for the development of women and the construction of harmonious gender relations today.

We, therefore, invite submissions on diverse themes and topics and varied lengths. Short, insightful articles are as welcome as long, articles. Author guidelines are as follows:

  • All contributions should be sent via email to: and
  • All contributions should be accompanied by an abstract of 200-400 words in both Chinese and English and three to five key words.
  • Please include information about the author(s) such as affiliation, rank, and contact methods at the end of the paper.
  • All contributions will be reviewed anonymously. Regardless of whether the submission is accepted or not, the author(s) will be notified of the result within two months after the receipt of submissions.
  • As regard the citations and formatting , please refer to Historical Research, or follow the Chicago-style citation, all the notes should take the form of footnote, each page shall be renumbered by default. Chinese translations for the titles of foreign books and papers are not required.
  • Contact Information: ;

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