Gender and Empire, Barcelone, 18-20 juin

Se tiendra à Barcelone un colloque international intitulé “Gender and empire: A trans-imperial approach to gender politics and the colonial state, 1848-1945” le 18, 19 et 20 juin 2018. Ce colloque aura lieu à l’université Pompeu Fabra de Barcelone, co-organisatrice de l’événement avec l’université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne et le Labex Ehne.

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Monday 18 June

Venue: Albert Calsamiglia Hall, Roger de Llúria Building
13:30 Welcome lunch
14:30 Welcome address, Josep M. Delgado (Head of Department of Humanities, UPF) 14:35 Introduction, Albert Garcia-Balañà, Jeanne Moisand and Teresa Segura-Garcia

14:45 First panel: Emancipatory politics in colonial Cuba

Chair: Evelyn Hu-DeHart (Brown University)

“Interracial marriage and politics of intimacy in colonial Cuba, mid-nineteenth century”, Jeanne Moisand (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/GRIMSE)

“Caring for the cause abroad: Gender politics within Cuban separatist exiles, 1848–1878”, Romy Sánchez (Université de Caen Normandie)

“Emancipating the Republic”, Lisa Surwillo (Stanford University)


Tuesday 19 June

Venue: Mercè Rodoreda Auditorium, Mercè Rodoreda Building

09:00 Coffee and pastries

09:30 Second panel: New voices on gender and empire (PhD students)

Chair: Stephen Jacobson (Director of Jaume Vicens Vives University Institute of History, IUHJVV, UPF)

“Colonising taste and desire: Eating and sexual practices in the Mariana Islands at the beginning of the Spanish colonial period”, Verónica Peña Filiu and Enrique Moral de Eusebio (UPF/GRIMSE)

“Religious vocation as a way to challenge familial gendered power relations”, Inès Anrich (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

“Why did Shangó lose its breasts when arrived in the Caribbean? Hermeneutics of the Afro-Caribbean, between the Bildung and its early accommodations”, Karo Moret-Miranda (UFF/GRIMSE)

“Women in business: An insight into a recent dialogue between women and gender history and business history”, Laurine Manac’h (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

“Manly or effeminate? Gendered representations of colonial soldiers within the French empire, 1857–1918”, Stéphanie Soubrier (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

13:30 Lunch

14:45 Third panel: Race and gender from discourse to practice

Chair: Clyde Plumauzille (Labex EHNE)

“Discussing the moral flaws of an “Oriental” land: Gender, nation and empire in Spain, c. 1800–1850”, Xavier Andreu-Miralles (València)

“Gender, caste, and colonialism: The politics of ‘female education’ in western India, 1848–1890s”, Jana Tschurenev (Center for Modern Indian Studies, University of Göttingen)

“Colonised women’s agency and the Maternal and Child Welfare policy: A history of colonialism through a history of maternity (Gold Coast, Ghana, 1915–1950s)”, Anne Hugon (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

20:00 Workshop dinner


Wednesday 20 June

Venue: Mercè Rodoreda Auditorium, Mercè Rodoreda Building 09:00 Coffee and pastries

Fourth panel: European masculinities in colonial spaces

Chair: Linda Jones (UPF/ECERM-NEXUS)

“Gender and penal colonies: The case of the French military system”, Dominique Kalifa (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

“Gender, intimacy, and colonialism in the Indian court: British tutors and royal pupils in princely India, c. 1870–1900”, Teresa Segura-Garcia (UPF/GRIMSE)

“Spanish soldiers and Afro-Cuban women: Race, gender, and nation in the metropolitan experience of the colonial war (Cuba, 1895–1898)”, Albert Garcia-Balañà (UPF/GRIMSE)

12:00 Closing remarks and debate

12:30 Lunch

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