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Attested to since Antiquity, male prostitution experienced a sharp rise during the nineteenth century in Europe. Less regulated than female prostitution, it played an important role in the practices and representations of homosexual relations (even though heterosexual male prostitution was also attested to). It was the subject of a disapproving discourse on the part of doctors, police officers and jurists, as well as attempts at control through various legislative tools, depending on the country. During the twentieth century, male prostitution was marginalized in public debate with the exception of health concerns connected to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). More recently, it has been transformed by new technologies for information and communication, which have diversified the locations and interfaces between clients and sex workers.

Following the phase of colonial conquest initiated by European countries during the nineteenth century, controlling prostitution became central to the concerns of authorities. It took its place within gender, race, and class power relations, and more broadly represented an attempt to impose new sexual models on colonized women. This control was nevertheless limited in practice, as emphasized by the inability of empires to regulate the small details in the lives of colonized populations.

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