Appel à communications – Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts

22e Congrès du Comité international des Sciences historiques, Jinan, 23-29 août 2015

Call for Papers
“Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts”

Sexual violence in armed conflicts is a problem of profound historical as well as contemporary importance. In some conflicts, sexual violence is widespread; in others, rape-ratios seem to be low. It makes a difference whether perpetrators view their actions as contributing to conquest, ethnic or political cleansing, or collective punishment, or whether they are indulging in opportunistic aggression. While sexual violence during armed conflict is predominantly directed against women and girls, men and boys have also been victimised. Women have incited and perpetrated acts of sexual violence. Gender makes a difference.

This Joint Session explores the diverse ways state militaries or other armed groups have employed sexual violence in nineteenth and twentieth century history.

What is the relationship between sexual violence and other forms of wartime violence? To which extent is sexual violence in armed conflict informed by gendered scripts forged in pre-war communities? What meanings does sexual violence acquire in the context of military strategy and tactics? How do wartime and post-war societies respond to victims and perpetrators of sexual violence, and how are acts of sexual violence narrated after the conflict has ended ? The organisers welcome papers focussing on sexual violence in military conflicts throughout the world during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The language of the conference is English. In order to allow the greatest possible exchange of views between participants, only 6 proposals for papers be selected. Proposals should be a maximum of 2,000 characters (300 words) and should be sent with a short biographical note to the organizers and to the Secretary General by the 31st December 2013.

Organizers :

– France: Fabrice VIRGILI (CNRS UMR IRICE, LabEx EHNE axe 6)

– Great Britain: Joanna BOURKE (Birkbeck, University of London)

International research group “Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict”



Proposals should be a maximum of 2 500 characters – 350 words and should be sent with a short biographical note to the organizers and to the Secretary General Robert Frank : by the 31st December 2013.

About “Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict”, please see below :

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